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Calgary IP Cameras

IP Surveillance Cameras

Frontline has a large variety of IP Cameras available to monitor your home or business and to keep them safe and sound. With the advancement of IP Cameras, owners now have real time monitoring capabilities for surveillance over the Internet or a computer network. IP Cameras placed in your home or business allow you to monitor with clarity.

Our elite IP Cameras are similar to digital video cameras, except they are typically used for surveillance purposes.  However, IP Cameras are also equipped for:

  • Sending & Receiving Data Through the Internet (Increasing business functionality & productivity)
  • Interactively Communicating (Equipped for 2-way audio & visual interaction)
  • Mobility Features (Relocate IP Cameras to fit your needs)
  • Indoor & Outdoor Installations  

For more information on our IP Cameras and how they can support your home or business with added security, contact Frontline Security in Calgary today at 403-291-9311.


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