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Calgary Home Security

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Safeguard your home with Frontline - One of Calgary's BEST Choices for Home and Business Security 

Why Frontline?

NO MORE CONTRACTS!  - At Frontline, we don't want you to stay with us because you HAVE to, we want you to be our customer because you WANT to. With one month's notice, you can cancel anytime and pay only until the end of the month.

PHONE LINE NOT REQUIRED - Trends are changing. Less people have a phone line now than ever before. Frontline's GSM and cellular options are ideal (and FASTER) alternatives to the traditional telephone line for delivering alarming signals to the monitoring station.  

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - The days of invasive, hard wiring are coming to an end. At Frontline, we offer clients the option of wireless devices with five year battery life. Wireless devices mean minimal disruption and faster, more efficient installations. Wireless solutions are now available for: Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Theft Sensors, Water/Temperature Sensors, Glassbreaks, Door and Window Sensors and Electronic Keypads!

24/7 MONITORING - Frontline boasts one of Alberta's highest staff to customer monitoring ratio.  This means a team, dedicated to a lightning fast emergency response for your home or business.   With Frontline's guard service, we take safety to another level.  Our Security Officers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, armed with training, detailed information and technology required to secure your safety and security. Help is always a few short minutes away.

SECURITY CAMERA TECHNOLOGY - You can now fully enjoy your vacation with Frontline’s remotely monitored Security Cameras. From CCTV to Computer Networks, you will have complete monitoring access to your home or business, regardless of your location. If your home or business falls victim to robbers or vandalism Frontline arms you with security cameras that will gather clear images and ample information for any investigators to analyze.

PET FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY - Pets can trigger your security system. But not ours. Fronline Security is armed with proprietory motion detectors designed to give your pets the freedom to move around while still remaining alert for real intrusions. We protect your home and who's in it.


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