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Calgary Home Automation

Home Automation

Did you remember to lock the door? Turn off the lights? How about shutting off the TV?  

Frontline has been providing Calgary with cutting edge solutions in home and at the office since 2001.  With advances online and in mobile, we've developed proprietory solutions to bring it all together! Our Home Automation tools give you total control of your home and allow you to execute this control from any internet source whether it’s outside or inside your home.

Through our home automation systems you can monitor the status of lights, climate control and security from any computer or mobile device. Pre-defined shortcuts like "welcome" or "away" tell your home that you're on the way out or coming back and to adjust your temperature, alarm, locks, TV and lighting accordingly.  Studies have shown that homes equipped with this technology are less likely to experience robberies, accidents and fires and yield substantially hire savings in utilities by virture of hard coded presets.  

Surprisingly, for the value these processes create, the investment is minimal and full deployment very affordable. Contact us today for a free consultation and enjoy your home upgrade in days!


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