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Calgary Business Security

We Protect your Business and your People!

Since 2001, Frontline has developed programs, processes, systems and technology to secure the safety of companies and their staff. Our robust technology is scalable and can accomodate businesses of all sizes with Single-User to Fully Integrated Systems, Low Voltage Wiring, CCTV, Networking and Mobile Management.

The Frontline model offers businesses a one stop shop for the following stand alone or integrated solutions:

INTERACTIVE CONTROL - Frontline offers a turnkey solution that puts security, site management and monitoring at your fingertips. With Frontline's IC Technology, you can: remotely arm/disarm, review entry/exit logs, view live or recorded video, change temperature settings, query your systems status and much more!

PROFESSIONAL SECURITY GUARDS AND MOBILE PATROL - Studies have shown that a property checked regularly can deter criminal activity by over 50%. Sometimes it is prohibitive for our client's business to deploy a full time security guard. From response based guard service to scheduled perimeter checks we offer custom solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets. We are one of Calgary's Best choices for Security Guards and Mobile Patrol. We only hire, train and deploy officers that can make quick decisions with full consideration of your company's best interest.

ACCESS CONTROL - Frontline's access control system includes key fobs and/or access cards that are easily programmed and modified to provide multi-level access and restriction to employees based on clearance levels. ACCESS CONTROL yields ultimate accountability through our detailed logging interface and user programming. Our research shows that businesses without this feature spend substantial amounts of money maintaining security through rekeying if credentials are lost or stolen or if a team member is dismissed.  

SURVEILLANCE CAMERA TECHNOLOGY - Maximize the efficiency of your business with Frontline’s Surveillance Cameras. Frontline’s team can place high quality surveillance cameras in strategic places to monitor the operational flows of your business. Frontline’s surveillance capabilities can gather data that will help improve your day-to-day operations and your bottom line.

Thorough due diligence and attention to detail can be the difference in otherwise detrimental or costly situations. Part of our team's ongoing training involves understanding the latest infrastructural and regulatory rules pertaining to commercial spaces and applicable fire codes. After installation, the project's team lead will provide thorough training to management and staff to inspire comfort and confidence.


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