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5 Simple Steps to Convert Your House Into a Smart Home

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Are you considering investing in home automation products to enhance your home’s security system and comfort? Here are five simple ways our Calgary alarm company can help you convert your house into a smart home.

Up until very recently, the concept of home automation was relatively unfamiliar to most Calgarians. However, as more and more products and technologies are becoming more affordable and easily accessible, many Calgary homeowners are now looking to upgrade their homes and security systems. 

Some of the great benefits of converting your house into a smart home include: 

  • Increased energy efficiency 
  • Improved home security system 
  • Better comfort
  • Greater control over your living space 
  • Protection for your family 

Customized Home Automation Products and Security Systems at our Calgary Alarm Company 

At Frontline Security, a leading Calgary alarm company, we offer affordable and customizable home automation products and security systems, including IP cameras, smart locks, and more. Whatever your specific requirements, we work together with you to protect your family and give you a more comfortable, safer, and convenient home. 

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5 Simple Ways to Use Home Automation in Your Calgary House 

The world around us is changing. Everything is smart: from smartphones to TVs, and there is no reason why your home should be left behind. Smart homes are one of the most popular concepts at the moment and the idea that you can control multiple features in your living space, not only makes it more convenient, but safer as well. 

If you are still a home automation newbie, here are five products you can purchase to start converting your Calgary house into a smart home: 

1. Indoor and outdoor IP cameras: A lot of today’s most advanced home technology is about making your house more secure, and IP cameras are no exception. You can use them inside and outside your home, to see what is going on outside your house or even to keep an eye on your kids or pets while you’re at the office.

5 Benefits of Investing in an IP Camera For Your Home

2. Smart locks: For added door security, you can add a smart lock, which are often touchpad enabled and completely keyless. In addition to basic features such as automatic locking, smart locks also allow you to control your door from your phone or tablet. You can even create different passcodes for people who might require access to your home. Use smart locks together with a smart doorbell for the ultimate in front door security.

How installing a smart lock can protect your home from crime

3. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors make an excellent addition to any home. They can alert you on your smartphone if any of the devices go off, and it can even tell you exactly where the smoke is originating from. This will give you the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your family is always safe. 

3 factors to consider before upgrading to a smart home

4. Smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can be installed in place of your home’s existing thermostats, and they will monitor usage over time to optimize your energy utilization, based on how and when you typically heat and cool your home. They also feature compatible apps that allow you to personally monitor your usage and make small adjustments for big energy savings. 

5. Remote home security system. Home automation will not only improve your home security system, but it will also allow you to control it from anywhere. With an automated system, you will be notified if there is a problem at home, even if you aren’t there. You can use cameras to see every room of your house from your smartphone, and you’ll even be able to limit access to specific areas of your home!

4 Benefits of Investing in Home Automation

Our Calgary Alarm Company Gives You the Peace of Mind You Deserve 

One of the biggest benefits of investing in home automation is that it provides constant monitoring of your home. Wherever you are, you can always keep an eye on your property and your loved ones! To find out more about our custom home security solutions and home automation products, contact us at 403-291-9311 or fill in our online contact form.

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